A little about us

Smiles Guaranteed


Some ideas are big, others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best of all.

Everything Customised was born out of the desire to create something unique, original and personal without you having to stress or trawl through shops or websites. In other words, less pressure means more pleasure in finding the right gift, design or corporate creation with the knowledge it is being lovingly handmade here by our team in the Cotswolds.

We believe bespoke items make the perfect present for someone as it shows you care, that you have taken the time to make something personal. Quite simply the perfect way to make a person feel special, and we are not going to lie this will give you some MAJOR brownie points!

But why stop there when you can evoke that feeling everyday with our corporate and group customisation service. From team hoodies to group t-shirts and from work uniforms to coffee mugs that brighten those early morning shifts, we can create them all. Just let us know your ideas or designs and we will do all the hard work for you. Why make one person happy when you can spread the joy amongst everyone.

Please get in touch with any other ideas or products you would like to see and our little team of customisers will get their tool kits out and create your unique, handmade product.