Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique used to push ink through a mesh stencil onto textiles. Each colour in your design requires a different stencil (or screen) to be made. Once the screens are made we make sure all colours line-up (or register) to one another. We then print all the garments on an automated press which is capable of incredibly precise, repeatable printing on 1,000’s of t-shirts a day using the same screens. Screen printing remains the best process for printing textiles.

All About Inks

What inks are available?

t can seem a little overwhelming with all the available print finishes available, so here's a simple breakdown of what's on offer from SCREENPRINTUK

preferred by most printers. It generally leaves a thicker ink deposit than the other ink types & will generally have a satin - glossy finish. The good thing about plastisol inks, & why they're so popular is you can print on pretty much any garment.

Water-based ink will leave a very soft, durable finish. The inks are low opacity so can only be printed on white/light coloured garments. The plus side to the low opacity is water based will give great results when printing full-colour photographic images as the ink blends really nicely. Water based inks are generally considered to be the most eco-friendly, as they are water soluble

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